FlexiCube Products

Choose one of our monitoring devices according to the operating parameters that meet your needs. Take your pick from the three packages and enjoy all benefits.

  • Try for free
    Test and try all features of Flexicube for one month free of charge.
  • Lease
    During the lease term, you can use Flexicube for a limited period of time, including access to the cloud-based portal.
  • Buy
    Purchase and integrate FlexiCube into your project, including access to the cloud-based portal, customer support and benefits of extended features.
FlexiCube NB
The device offers outstanding network coverage in a licensed band (provided by Vodafone in the Czech republic and T-mobile in Slovakia).

Data network: NarrowBand
Certification: CE a IP67 rating

FlexiCube S
The device is using Sigfox one global 0G network to connect your physical world with the digital universe all around the world (Europe, USA, South America, Australia).

Data network: Sigfox
Certification: CE and Sigfox

Cloud-based portal

For both variants, we offer the possibility to monitor individual devices via the cloud-based portal, where collected data are stored. Portal provides a FlexiCube data visualization in the map or dashboard, optimized for desktop and mobile browsers.

How much does it cost

Exact pricing depends on the product’s configuration to meet the needs of a particular customer. Indicative pricing and the cost can be found in the price list below.


Looking for custom made FlexiCube solution that meets your needs?

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